TTag, 2. August 2010.

So. Calvin hat mich wieder.
Und wo treiben S i e sich gerade rum? Hier ist es so ruhig dieser Tage, man hört ja das Gras wachsen…

8 Gedanken zu „TTag, 2. August 2010.

  1. Calvin might have you but I feel like Hobbs! The only thing I heard at 7° clock this morning where the people down below on the street shouting fire, the house is burning. Getting up I could not see out of the window so thick was the smoke, and pulling on some baggies and a shirt made my way down a smoke filled staircase covering my mouth and nose against the black smoke. Everyone made it out safely and soon after the fire trucks started coming, a kiosk at street level was really burning flames shooting out on two sides of the building, everyone looking groggy. Now three hours later I’m back up top telling you things and wishing the only thing I would be hearing…. the sound of grass growing, so true Calvin.

  2. … und die Grillen zirpen.
    (ich habe heute meine Informationspflichten gegenüber dem Finanzamt erfüllt, schönen Abend noch : )

  3. Im buero, Report schreibend. Naechster Patient in einer Stunde, dann mher report schreiebn, dann naechster Patient, dann mher Report schreiben. Nach hause reisen. House gucken.

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