6 Gedanken zu „Federleicht

  1. What you don’t yet realise is that the brushes will now start to multiply, because you’ve put out a decoy to attract them. One little brush could bring you a whole swarm, birch brushes, rectangular ones with bright plastic bristles, wooden ones studded with the hair of wild pigs …. [you get the picture]. But as you are painting these days, maybe some painterly brushes will start coming your way – normally, they are shy and scare easily, but the smell of freshly-rubbed black ink attracts them, or so I hear.

    • I get the picture, semioticghosts. I’m glad to report that some of those painterly ones came rather close last night, but they fled when I woke up. Maybe I’ll have to use dream-ink to make them stay, which is not easy to get hold of – might even involve a little magic. Let me think about a procedure…

    • Dream-ink and faerie magic I recall that a glass of water, placed overnight on a window-sill bathed by the moonlight, used to be sufficient, but I have rather lost track of the moon cycles just now, and it needs to be a full moon. So I wonder whether you could ask the cittie faeries of K. to do your bidding this time. I believe a labyrinth curcled from lemon rind, with a food-offering, might be sufficient to attract them, and their dream-tints (or benevolent taints?) to your abode. They, too harbour scents and sounds, colours and exquisite sensations in their stores over the greyer days of the lunar year, independent of the season.

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