Smartes Vokabular

»Vanilla person«

= person who is ‘mainstream’
= person who is either ignorant of owner/slave relationships, and who has little or no personal interest in this culture
= someone who does not, and would not, choose to enter any ‘alternate lifestyle’
= person belonging to family
= therapists
= ’10 step-people’
= white person

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6 Gedanken zu „Smartes Vokabular

  1. Vanilla… No thanx I prefer Chocolate… Boring Fuddy Duddy Vanilla stereotypes preferring missionary or nothing, wow these types really do exist in the various ummm relationships that I have had almost all of the women had complained of a Vanilla man in the past and were bursting out of the shell of their previous enslavement to enjoy the free new world. Down with Vanilla long live Chocolate and Peach and……..

    😉 x

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