Natur pur

heute beim Joggen ein toter Hase, dem die Krähen die Eingeweide aus dem Anus –
Hat jemand ne Aufmunterung?????
Regnen tuts auch schon wieder.

2 Gedanken zu „Natur pur

  1. Hase,Hase.. As always in English dear Phil, Today in a park in the middle of the city I saw a man pluck a rabbit (hase) out of a bush and sqaubbling for its life it was put into a sports bag no doubt for the evening pot, the old bill were just here for a statement for plucking little rabbits is an offence and that in our big gleaming grotty city center. Lucky your rabbit was dead because it is not nice having your entrails pulled out of your arse,… Oh by the way the stars have come out to play it looks like its going to be a nice day!!! ;-))

    • @ MRP I asked for consolation, Mr.P. You know that, don’t you?
      What you did instead, selfish man, is provide me with another very unpleasant episode of rabbit life in Germany.
      And now you mention roast, I can’t stop myself thinking about the options of geese roast at the Ostpark. There must be a good hundred of them grazing peacefully (well, if they don’t zisch at you) on the turf.
      But they are not easy to get hold of, the geese I mean – having a strong will to attack if provoked. One look at those eyes and one thinks twice.
      Any ideas?
      Have a good day! : )

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